During the Sacramento-area rainy season, rainfall that doesn’t get collected in a gutter will fall off the roof. You may just notice a few more waterdrops streaming from the roof’s edge.

The real risk for rental properties

But the real problem is that clogged gutters cause water to build up near the roof. That exposes your roof to more moisture saturation than normal. In addition, debris build up can damage shingles, flashing and protective barriers.

If you own a rental property in the Sacramento area, water and roof damage mean you’re losing money from your investment instead of profiting from it.

Why property managers need professional gutter cleaning

It’s easy to push the responsibility of gutter cleaning to the tenant, but do you want to take that chance?

  • The tenant may just ignore gutter cleaning and let water and debris damage the house for the entirety of the lease, perhaps for years.
  • The tenant may try to do it themselves or hire “cheap” help, missing some sections and perhaps damaging the gutters in the process.

Before and after professional gutter cleaning for a Sacramento-area rental property. Professional gutter cleaning will preserve this property’s value so that the landlord can enjoy the return on investment instead of paying for costly repairs.

Don’t risk your rental property. Instead, trust Sierra Vista Maintenance with your professional gutter cleaning in the Sacramento area.